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My pricing structure for voiceovers is clearly marked within the 'Radio Commercials' and 'TV Commercials' order sections. Each category has it's own filter system, giving you the most comprehensive price guide, to avoid any awkward conversations and messages.

If on the other hand you have a unique project you wish to discuss further, then please use the contact form

Simply go to the orders page, pick the most suitable order and follow the easy step guide to purchasing an order

If you wish to discuss, before placing an order, then use the contact form

Yes, I do!

I will send you a low quality version of your short script, please use the contact form to send me the script and any details and direction

Yes, as I have worked in audio production for over 30 years, so have a full editing suite within my studios.

It will come at an extra cost of course, so please make sure you use the contact form BEFORE you place the order

Yes - We will always take direction, as it's your project!

You must ensure direction is always given, rather than the "I'll leave it up to you" approach

Thanks in advance for this!

No - In a nutshell!

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